Monday, January 31, 2011


Off to work in a few, but I've got an exciting mini-update for when I get home. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Simplicity

I went back in time to mid-2009 to find some of my old models in a folder labeled "Other". I was inspired by a combination of things which included Joe Madureira's fantastic artistic style. Then I set about fixing and altering this old model to fit into my new project.

It involves a hero, a heroine and a villain, and will be my first action scene to be modeled as it appears rather than building everything, rigging and posing it, and rendering it out that way. I'm going to keep it simple for the time being until I feel like it hits the sweet spot concerning composition. Below is the current 3D 'sketch' version of the hero.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Still Do Stuff

It just happens between shifts at my new job!

My SO asked me to do a head sculpt of one of her old characters, so I obliged. She's an alien of some sort. I'll be texturing her soon, maybe tonight when I get home. Tally ho!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

DC Universe Online - Finally Pushing MMORPGs in a New Direction

Amidst my World of Warcraft: Cataclysm playing I decided on a whim to purchase DCUO. I have a brief and mixed history with Superhero MMOs, so I was a little hesitant at first. But it was $50 very well spent.

Firstly; the combat. It's like playing an action RPG or beat-em-up game and is very dynamic and cinematic to watch. It has a modified targeting system which is more of a reticule that you place over what you want to hit as you swing away. But, you can 'lock on' to things if you need to. This is where the combat takes a leap towards what I'd actually call, the next generation of MMORGPs.

You can start a combo, change your mind mid-execution to something else, or even get the choice of which move you want to end it with. The commands for these weapon combos are simply left and right mouse buttons by default, with either a 'tap' or a 'hold' on them. For instance, my staff villain has one that is 'tap left x2' followed by 'hold left x3' or something along those lines. It seems a bit awkward on paper, but it looks great playing out and it isn't that tedious as you click through it.

Powers (which are separate from weapon attacks) are more typical of a traditional MMORPG special abilities, but are still given a breath of fresh air by being paired with the reticule targeting system.

The roles system, which allows you to change your character's strengths while leaving their power and skill choices intact, is another push in the right direction. It simply grants you bonuses to the role you wish to fulfill, rather than changing your character's purpose entirely by altering ability choices. You may be a damage dealer with a few healing abilities, but when you choose to take on the healer role, those heals become more powerful.

Finally it would seem we have a candidate for where to go next in the land of MMO gaming. If other games take note of these ideas and refine or alter them, the entire genre could possibly be rejuvenated in the coming years. Being that this game is by Sony Online Entertainment, I have very high hopes for the third Everquest game. I hope to see some of these mechanics and ideas in it, so that I can return to my younger glory days of online gaming in one of my favorite worlds; Norrath.

From what we've seen of Dark Millennium Online as well, it looks like it's going to be more action oriented. But what'd you expect from Vigil, the makers of Darksiders? I have high hopes for DMO as well.

It's a very happy day for me when I start to feel like my favorite genre won't be stagnating even more.